about us

Prime Mechanical was established 1988 in San Jose, CA by Bill Eshelman. Prime Mechanical spent its first decade as a full-service company. In 1998 Bill and his technicians started performing service construction related projects. In 2008, Bill’s son, John Eshelman, became President of Prime Mechanical and worked diligently to expand the company by starting a Construction Division.


Prime Mechanical now supports various types of construction and service projects with an 8,000 sq. ft. fabrication shop. Our shop employs the newest technologies in fabricating, to produce quality manufactured products.


From the company’s inception, we, as members of the Prime Mechanical organization, have aspired to run our company in ways reflective of our inner characters and codes of ethics. We recognize that Prime Mechanical is a composite of our individual contributions and that, collectively, we represent the heart and soul of the organization.


Over the years, our objectives as a company have changed in response to a dynamic environment. Our values, however, remain constant, and we are dedicated to upholding our company’s uncompromising standards of quality, honesty, and integrity.