Prime Mechanical’s controls division is familiar with a variety of systems. We are a Pelican Controls certified representative and installation contractor. Today’s control systems are growing more and more complicated as time moves on, and there is a growing need for the seamless integration of facility controls and information systems. As a result, the controls contractor you select will have to be fluent not only in controls and HVAC systems, but in information systems and in how to coexist on a company LAN.

These are standard business protocols for Prime Mechanical.

We can secure your control system behind a firewall, allow for its remote access via the internet and internal company networks, and generate all the report data that you need to collect, all while maintaining the simple and intuitive graphics interface to which many of us have become accustomed.

We use open AN platform control system that can integrate with many other systems and equipment currently on the market. Our installations can communicate with LonWorks®, BACnet, Modbus, and a host of other manufacturer-specific protocols. By choosing Prime Mechanical as your control solutions provider, you won’t be locked into a proprietary system: you’ll be left with an openly modifiable system that allows for maximum flexibility moving forward.